Predicting financial markets in real-time

Over 95,000 instruments,100+ currency pairs

Data overlay API, directional email alerts

About Crowdalpha.

Crowdalpha is a data-overlay and alert service that gives days or weeks warning of impending large directional movements in any financial instrument in any asset class {entire exchanges like the NYSE ARCA, cash instruments, securities, individual stocks (such as AAPL), derivatives such as futures}. Our data is streamed directly by the 8th largest stock exchange company globally, trading more daily notional volume than the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Available to everyone from Jan 2020.

data overlay exposed as an api showing clustering of market participants
we will send directional email alerts (i.e. UP or DOWN) and they will also be time stamped with the EPOCH time. Depending on the clustering threshold we can give you days or weeks advance notice of movements.
up to 95,000 instruments, 100 plus currency pairs and a wealth of other market information on multiple exchanges
We can monitor single stocks or ETF’s such as the S&P 500 ETF

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